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Olivia Age 11

Olivia (Age 11)

My favorite thing about sewing class with Miss Meg is accomplishing projects that I am able to use or wear! My goal is to be a clothing designer! By taking Miss Meg’s classes, it helps me get closer to my goal!

Maeve Siems

After her enrollment in the American Girl Doll Clothing summer camp, my 6 year old daughter came away with the skills to sew safely and productively with little or no help! Because of Meg’s patience and attention to detail, Maeve now has the confidence to sew gifts for friends and create her own sewn pieces of art. We are continually impressed by how much our daughter learned in just one week of class. I can’t recommend Studio Stitch enough!

Megan Siems

Maeve Siems





Words from others:

As grandparents, we try to provide something ongoing for the grandkids that will be a learning experience but also fun.

My granddaughter wanted to learn to sew. I received the information about “Studio Stitch” and called to find out about how to sign up my granddaughter.

I spoke with Meg on the phone. She was so nice and informative and wanted to know about my granddaughter. My granddaughter (12 years old) has been taking her classes for about 3 months now. She likes it very much and is excited about sewing. For her birthday, we went together to buy fabric and patterns for her to sew. She has already made some cute PJ bottoms, and I know she is working on other projects too. Whether she becomes a Fashion Designer or uses her skills to “mend and hem” I think the classes and knowledge she has gained, is great! Thank you, Studio Stitch. -L Barendt -student Pella


“My daughter and I have greatly enjoyed taking sewing classes at Studio Stitch. Meg is so warm, friendly and patient with her students” -Alana Dakos


Miss Meg’s Sewing Class is very fun! Now I love sewing and I am very excited to start new projects there. It is in fact, SEW FUN! – Ava Dakos age 7


I have a lot of fun at sewing. If you would like to learn to sew, this is a good idea! Ms. Meg is really nice and all of the girl in my class are very friendly. I always look forward to going to my sewing class! -Jenna, age 8


Meg Roberts and Studio Stitch are amazing! My twin daughters were always fascinated with sewing. They loved when I would hand stitch things for them and couldn’t wait to do it themselves. They loved the opportunities for creativity that sewing gave them. When they were 7 I heard about Meg and Studio Stitch. I brought the girls to her sweet studio that first day and we were hooked. The energy was right up our alley. Meg is the sweetest person and her studio feels warm and loving. She is so patient and works so well with the children. She is the perfect sewing teacher. My girls just loved their sewing lessons. They were so proud of the the clothing they made and the projects they created. What a self esteem builder as well as so many other skills. I highly recommend Meg and Studio Stitch to anyone that is considering it. She is the absolute best!!! -Elizabeth K,


Hannah, my 6 year old daughter, loves sewing! She loves being able to make things on the machine finish a project to the end! –Cinnamon R